Ezra Dyer – my favorite magazine writer

Every month I look forward to reading an article in my Car and Driver magazine when it arrives, the editorial that Ezra Dyer writes. He is also an automotive editor for Popular Mechanics. And writes some hilarious articles for the Improper Bostonian.


Ezra Dyer is an often hilarious writer, and is always at least entertaining to read. In one article when he wrote for automobile magazine, he offered free advice to various manufacturers. The advice he gave Honda? Hire a guy with a mullet. What? Here’s the article so you can read it for yourself (besides, my delivery isn’t nearly as funny). And trust me, you want to read it.


Ezra’s always tinkering with his own personal vehicles. He bought a big Ford Bronco and then converted it to run on bio-diesel. He writes about his experience of what it is like to get the actual fuel instead of his journey in the conversion. You can view the article here. He says that while running biodiesel may be good for the environment, the real payoff is looking down on Prius drivers and their “dirty war fuel” and being able to “get real judgy”. The fact that the fuel smells like “grease fire at Arby’s” is just icing on the cake!


His Improper Bostonian articles are not Automotive, but there is fun to be had there as well. Here is an article on how to have fun with the winter weather.


These articles are just two examples but I suggest you Google more. Laughing is good for you.

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